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How to choose led candle light

by:SRS     2021-01-17
Led candle light is one of the lamp, led candle lights how to choose? 1, packing and marking. National mandatory manufacturer of led lighting products marked on the outer packing the following content: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. Generally speaking, the high quality products of trademark printing quality is good, the font is clear, not easy to fall off, with a soft wet cloth to wipe, mark clear, not easy to erase, a manufacturer's trademarks and related certification marks. 2, led candle light appearance. Good led lights manufacturer, usually in mass production product, the production of led candle light better consistency in shape and size, shell did not crack, loose at the same time, the pincer-like device should not be broken open a trace, in the process of installation, disassembly, lamp holder not loose, failed and phenomenon. 3, startup performance. Led lights start has two characteristics: first, the higher the temperature the easier start; The second is the light off, not flash; Many led a very dark, this adverse to the light bulb, led candle light should have the power in the internal circuit and PCB board. 4, lamps and socket connection is loose, a little phenomenon, at the same time, the shell is not crack, loose, pincer-like device should not be broken open a trace; Then with baffle check to see if the light bulb on the baffle uniform, if there is a dark spot.
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