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How to choose a controller for solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-06-18
are high-tech products. In the process of use, the circuit can be automatically controlled to automatically turn on and turn off the lights. In the process of turning on and off the street lights, the controller plays a very important role. Therefore, when purchasing, we should pay attention to the choice of controller. When purchasing, we must choose the appropriate controller according to actual needs, so that the solar street lamp can work normally. When choosing a controller for solar street lights, generally choose the power consumption of the controller to meet the working needs, and then choose a lower power consumption, because it takes twenty-four hours for the controller to effectively control the street light. For work, if the power consumption of the controller itself is relatively large, then the power consumption will be more. Therefore, when selecting the controller, the power consumption of the selected controller is generally less than one milliampere. The controller is because It takes a long time to work and therefore often needs to be charged. Therefore, choosing a controller with high charging efficiency is also a criterion to be measured when purchasing. When choosing a solar solar street light controller, it is best to choose the one that can adjust the power. Sometimes for the road section with a large amount of people, it generally needs more road sections and generally needs to be brighter. At this time, the solar street light Generally, the power needs to be relatively large, and in sections with fewer pedestrians, there is generally no need for a large number of street lights. Therefore, when purchasing a controller, you can control the street lights according to actual needs, for example, on road sections with fewer pedestrians. Above, in order to avoid waste, you can choose to turn off some street lights, and you can also adjust the power of small street lights to achieve energy saving. This can also protect the controller and extend the service life of the battery.   When purchasing solar street light, you must pay attention to the controller and choose the appropriate controller according to the actual situation to meet the actual needs and let the solar street light play an important role.
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