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How to become more bright solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-03-03
How to become more bright solar street lamps? Itself is not too bright street lights, solar street lamps for solar street light source of energy is solar panels and batteries, and the price of this two things are very high, so in order to save cost, in general, solar street light just can satisfy the most basic lighting, that can reduce a lot of pressure on the on the economy. But, sometimes, the brightness of the solar street light are necessary to improve, so how to improve the brightness of the solar street light? 1, increase a little power increased a little power, can be certain to increase the brightness of the solar street light, but if you add too much, will involve the upgrade of the whole system, the cost increases, so can be appropriately increased point source of power. 2, a higher efficiency of the lamp bead at present commonly used lights have Taiwan wafer, American pury, etc, the efficiency of the light bead is in commonly 100 lm/W, but also efficient higher light bead, the price will be higher, but it is very worthwhile, higher efficiency can reach above 200 lm/W, brightness is more than twice. 3, use more thick wire for solar street lamps use is weak current, according to cable heating formula, the calorific value of Q = I2R, cable by this formula, we can see that the calorific value of the cable is with resistance is directly proportional to, bold, and wire can effectively reduce the resistance, often wire loss power is considerable. Better optical components is usually 4, use the pervious to light through the lens, light efficiency lose 20% 30%, again through the toughened glass, again lose 15% 25%, so, if there is a lens and toughened glass, overall losses could be as high as 35% This value is 55%, you may see don't believe, but that is the case, I can make good use of some lens and toughened glass, can effectively reduce the photosynthetic efficiency loss, but cannot avoid completely.
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