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How to adjust the time solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-02-05
How to adjust the time solar street lamps? As everybody knows, solar street light before leaving the factory, solar street lamp lighting time is tuned, after installation, solar street lamp lighting time, generally cannot be adjusted, but if some of the solar street light with residents schedules have important contradiction, or need to adjust the time, here, we can explain how to adjust the solar street lamps lighting time. 1, the theoretical foundation before the solar street lamps lighting time to improve, to make scientific computation, can determine the size of the system of each parts to support solar street lights will be time to adjust to the light, if not, it must first PASS, do not consider that only system support can be performed. 2, the adjustment method of solar street lighting time 2 - there are two kinds of mode 1, manual adjustments manually adjust the lighting time is to use the support manually adjust the time of the controller, the controller has time control button, as long as according to the specifications, for button operation, different manufacturers operating method of controller is different, give priority to with the instructions, even the same manufacturer, also may use different solar controller, so must refer to the controller. 2 - 2, remote operation of solar street light controller on the market at present is remote control the time, the aim is to prevent some people who don't understand to the solar street lamps lighting time, this will prevent the solar street light because being adjusted and appear the phenomenon of damage, remote control adjustment is very simple, is to use a remote control on the computer programming good, alignment of signal receiving antenna controller keystrokes.
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