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How to adjust solar street lamps lighting time

by:SRS     2020-12-15
Solar street lamps light up the light to the pedestrian path, can feel the arrival of the dark light up, also can sense early morning and go out, this is because the core controller controlled by time, so, how to adjust the time ? solar street lamp factory technical personnel for you to answer: solar street light factory, generally has set a good working time according to customer requirements; Solar street light starting and closing time, it is determined by the street lamp controller. Controller Settings mostly in doors inside. Controller adjust break up dynamic adjustment and remote adjustment, the external adjustment buttons can be manually adjusted, however, are on the market at present the remote control to adjust, this kind of controller to adjust the work time, must be equipped with remote control. How to adjust the time also want to see the use what type of controller. 1, the charging circuit with double MOS series control loop, reduces the voltage loss than using diode circuits using PWM energy-saving control nearly half of the charge, the power consumption is greatly increased. 2, load model with pure light control, sensing light dark light system will automatically lights, lights on time by using microprocessor and special control algorithm, realization of intelligent control. 3, scientific way of battery management, when seen in discharge, battery charging voltage boost, normal use after maintenance compensation, using direct charge and float charge rechargeable batteries, has a high precision temperature compensation at the same time, make more accurate charge control. 4, all industrial-grade chips and sealing components of all constraints in cold, hot, humid environment, such as normal operation. Using crystal time control at the same time, make time control more accurate. That is about how to adjust the time on , solar street light also look at how to adjust time is waterproof controller, general waterproof controller without digital display function.
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