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How much outdoor solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-03-19

Today, outdoor solar street light has become a lot of new rural construction program of choice. However, limited economic conditions in rural areas, income is not high. How much outdoor solar street lights is new rural builders often ask questions.  let's not talk about the price of solar street light. Let's talk about why we choose first solar street light. Usually there are two types of street lamp, solar street lights and commercial led lights business with led lights need to pay an annual fee, and led solar street lamp using solar Lantern Festival electricity during the day, evening release electricity to power a street lamp, does not need to pay any bills, save a lot of cost for the villages. Secondly, business street lamps need laying cable line, cultivated land. At the same time, in the process of road maintenance and construction, may accidentally run into wires, thus damaged wires and cause a short circuit or even accidents. Solar street light there is no such problem, because they don't need wiring, connected directly to battery and lamp holder. Route through the light pole, high safety. There is no good product on the market. Let's look at the composition of the led solar street lamp. Main components of the solar panel component, storage battery, intelligent controller, led lamp and the lamp post. So how should we choose? manufacturers give everyone a popular science century sunshine! At present, there are many individual small workshops, shoddy, ignoring the product quality, to malignant competition at a low price. Over time, they can cause corrosion and rust light pole, solar panels power shortage caused by serious attenuation, lamp light failure caused by serious death and sulfide and scrap battery capacity is insufficient. Cause the whole system crash solar energy saving lamp manufacturer production is a new kind of energy saving lamp, solar street lamps do not store garbage or affect the natural. As a result, many urban lighting projects like choose solar street light. 
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