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How much money sales rural solar street light prices

by:SRS     2020-04-17
Rural solar street light is now in the new rural construction can not be less a lighting, and it has good stability, long service life, high luminance, simple installation environment requirements and advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. , so in a lot of rural and mountainous area is used in the construction of solar street light. So, the rural how much is the price of solar street light? Rural solar street lamp sales price is the price of solar street light a few hundred to thousands of yuan within the range of a set of, basically be to see you choose the price of solar street light fittings, then formed the total price. It is of more expensive than solar related components, solar panels, battery, circuit, etc. , choose the better the higher price nature also. Have influence to the cause of the price of solar street light and lamp posts of galvanized, hot dip galvanized and cold galvanizing is different, the price of cold galvanizing cost is low, but the antirust effect is not very good, the price is lower, and galvanizing cost is quite high, technology is complex, but can ensure use 20 years anti-rust, price is also higher. Then there is the equipment and materials used can also lead to different price gap dozens or hundreds of yuan. The equipment used, the better, solar street light data collection is complete. Relatively, the price of the solar street light also rose. Geographical factors can also affect the price, geography is one of the important factors influencing the solar lamp price fluctuations. Different region by solar radiation is not the same. Because of time and the influence of climate, the price of solar street light is also different. Use more costs are relatively low, and vice versa, the price will be much higher. Yes above factors can directly affect the price of led solar street lamp, anyhow we are suggest you when purchasing solar street light can you explain it to the factory on-the-spot investigation, to select and regular size can also be the manufacturer to purchase, so not only is the price real benefit, in terms of quality is guaranteed.
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