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How much money 30 w 6 m solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-28

As problems in today's resources have been used, in the aspect of the application of energy conservation and environmental protection is very important, so in large quantities of energy conservation and environmental protection products appeared on the market. For road lighting products, solar street light there is absolutely made a significant contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection, because mains street lamp product power consumption, maintenance is very difficult, there are a lot of potential safety hazard, the emergence of the solar street light can solve the problem of current grid street lamp board now. Solar street light is divided into light pole, lamp holder, light source lamp arm, lithium-ion batteries, panels, accessories, and other parts, different lighting demand determines different energy-saving lamp configuration, a friend asked how much is the small make up rural road lamp installation of a problem, the following LED solar street lamp factory, small make up for all the detailed country road lamp installation solar insecticidal lamp price list. Product specifications 20 w6 w6 25 metres 6 meters 30 w ordinary street lamp price 1000 yuan, 1100 yuan 1200 yuan solar street light price 1500 yuan, 1700 yuan 1900 yuan wind street lights price 2500 yuan, 2700 yuan 2900 yuan light pole height 6 m 6 m m light pole material Q235 steel Q235 steel Q235 steel light pole technology which is a integrated a integrated light pole painting ordinary spray paint ordinary spray paint all plastic spray paint on the light pole diameter 55 mm55mm55mm light pole diameter 160 mm160mm160mm light pole wall thickness.  3. 0 mm3。 0 mm3。 0 mm heigh price 650 yuan, 650 yuan 680 yuan lamp holder power 20 w single head single head 25 w single head 30 w/pury LED light source material LED/wafer/wafer/pury LED/wafer/pury lamp shell process aluminum shell all plastic shell lamp life 50000 hours 50000 hours, 50000 hours lamp holder type little golden beans little torch lamp type conch pistol arms the little white rabbit a word lithium battery capacity 40 Ann arms when 50 ampere hour 60 Ann when the lithium battery voltage 12 v12v12v lithium battery type three yuan energy storage type three yuan energy storage type three yuan energy storage type lithium battery life - 600 times 1000-600 1000-600 1000 lithium battery price 400 yuan, 500 yuan 600 yuan or so no/low temperature need to customize the applicant/need no/need to customize the working temperature minus 20 more negative 20 or more negative 20 above panels power 70 w, 80 w, 90 tile panels monocrystalline silicon material monocrystalline silicon single crystal silicon panels conversion rate by about 17% 17% 17% panels price 350 yuan, 400 yuan 450 yuan panels life an average 20 years an average of 20 years, on average, more than 20 years controller ordinary ordinary ordinary controller controller controller controller price 80 yuan, 80 yuan 80 yuan controller specification booster booster booster about lighting time of 8 hours for 7 hours 2-7 hours rainy day 2-3 days or so 2-3 days or so Control mode control + 3 days or so electric control + electric control + electric that's small make up for all rural road lamp installation how much is a complete content, only supplies the reference, if you need detailed quote service please contact spectrum small make up, there will be a professional engineer to do a detailed offer service for you. 
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