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How much is the output of solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-04-20
Bo glow electricity is integrating development, production, sales and installation of large private enterprises. Hope to serve more customers at home and abroad. Here are popular science by small make up to you about solar street light account for how to improve. Solar street light output 1. Keep clean if there is a snow cover the surface of the panels, panel surface to timely clean up the snow, because when snow cover solar panels, solar panels can't smoothly the absorption of solar radiation, without the support of light energy, solar panels can't work. After snow slide, the output of solar panels in low temperature can be guaranteed. 2. Installing solar panels of big Angle installation Angle can effectively avoid falling snow accumulated quickly, reduce the rate of snow accumulation and thickness, not need artificial frequent cleaning. Of course, the so-called big installation Angle is under the condition of not affect solar panels to receive sunlight, installation Angle of the panels moderate increase. 3. Attention when installing solar panels installed distance, try to make the panels away from a roof on a sheltered side of the house or building, avoid around the snow slide on the panels at the top of the building, and by slow accumulation on the bottom of the panels, so that the covering most of the panels surface, influence the panels to receive light.
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