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How much is a solar LED street lamp controller?

by:SRS     2020-04-26
No matter the size of the LED street lamps, all need good performance of solar street light controller. To prolong the life of the battery, in order to prevent deep storage battery charging and discharging, must limit its charge and discharge conditions. In many conditions, qualified controller should also have temperature compensation function. At the same time, should be both the control function of the street lamp, solar controller optically controlled, time control function, has the function of automatic cutting load at night for a rainy day to extend the time of solar LED street light. Now that the controller has such a big effect, so how much money a solar street light controller, what is a qualified controller? Hear below small make up in detail: qualified controller must have a national testing center of detection data and report, now we LED street lamp controller with 2 manufacturers. 4 g network function, intelligence power function, setting time, much time after qualified testing every controller factory. Manufacturer independent pricing, 40 yuan a small power controller, a power controller 80 yuan.
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