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How much a worker one day can install solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-04-14
How much a worker one day can install solar street light? Many customers in the calculation of artificial cost when asked such a question: how much a worker one day can install solar street lamps, we here in 6 meters of solar street light, for example, assume that there are 100 solar street lamp, 10 people, including two electrician, four LiGong, two light and two motor. Connection by two electrician's main studios, debugging, solar street lamp, four LiGong mainly transported light pole, vertical light pole, and handling of battery, the battery hole, buried battery pit, etc, to strong strong body, hands and feet. Two light industry, mainly install the batteries in the battery box, connect the solar panels, light source, electrical, etc, is mainly the parts of light pole assembly. Two mobile personnel mainly carries on each link, shorthanded go to where, trees help to force when light pole, etc. This configuration is reasonable, if is the first time to install solar street lamps, and is a novice, so the team can be installed on the first day about 30 streetlights, the second day can install about 50 light, half a day on the third day almost can finish loading. According to this, 100 solar street lamps with two and a half days, ten men installed, then on average per person per day to install 5 light solar street light.
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