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How long will it take to install a solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-01-24
How long will it take to install a solar solar street light? Q: how long will it take to get to install a solar solar street light? Answer: install solar street light is divided into several steps, after several days before and after, the steps are as follows: 1, digging holes dug a pit is dug the pit of embedded parts, general 6 meters of solar street lamps have dug a pit depth in 1 m, width of 40 cm long, in general, a pit of working hours at 0. 25 days, one of the workers a day 4 - Five hole, specific see the local soil conditions. 2, after pouring hole digging, embedded parts must be pouring in, with more than C20 label of concrete casting, casting, embedded parts should pay attention to about the level, in addition to protect the teeth. 3, after curing, need a week or more curing period, had better not shaking during the embedded parts, don't trample, water conservation could be the next day, if it is freeze, antifreeze treatment is needed. 4, the assembly will be assembled solar street lamps, each needs to be fixed on the lamp post part of the fixed well, the battery box buried, wire to wire tube. 5, tree lamp lights according to the size of the light pole, the weight of the solar panels, take reasonable way to stem, the crane can be used or the artificial vertical bar. After 6, connection shaft rod, the need for wiring, also is the end of the solar street lamp installation step. In general, solar street light a lamp that is difficult to calculate time, in general, solar solar street lamp installation quantity are common in about 100, we in 100, for example, if you use 5 people for installation, in addition to the curing period, a total of around the time required for the following: 1, 3 days to dig a hole 2, casting: 2 days 3, assemble: 2 days to 4, and stem connection: a total of 5 days or so would take about 12 days, that is, 100 solar solar street lamp, a total of 5 to 12 days to complete, a total of 60 hours. Per person per day of installing solar solar street light around the lamp that is less than 2. Thus, we can also infer a solar street lamps need artificial cost probably how many.
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