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How long can solar street lamp lighting?

by:SRS     2020-05-21

Could you tell me how long can general led solar street lamp lighting? factory small make up to you, main content is as follows:  ( 1) . How long does sunny weather to solar street lamps lighting? Solar street lamps lighting the length can be set according to user requirements. For the same location, with the solar energy battery components and battery is directly related to the ratio of choice. , under the premise of the confirmation of the light source power to choose solar energy battery components and battery capacity, the greater the power to ensure that the longer the illumination time, shorten conversely. The standard system configuration in general should guarantee every day 5 ~ 10 hours of lighting.  ( 2) . in this rainy weather can use how long? Solar lamp in the guarantee of continuous rainy day time can be used according to specific conditions and the requirements of customers for the design. Usually to meet a continuous wet weather, should meet not less than 2 days, 5 ~ 10 hours a day) The illumination time. What are the processes of solar street lamps assembly what is the process of solar street lamps assembly? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: 1. To select a safe place for solar street light, close to the installation site assembly; 2. Demolition of packaging and according to the configuration list inventory spare parts, accessories and check whether its in transit damage phenomena such as scratch, deformation;  3. Light pole components and easy to wear and tear parts when placed must pads have a soft mat so as not to scratch and other unnecessary damage during the installation process; 4. Reference to solar street lamp assembly drawing assembly solar street light. 
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