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How do the solar street light switch to control?

by:SRS     2021-02-16
How do the solar street light switch to control? Many people will find the solar street light and off on time every day, and in the evening sometime, 6 will silently open lamp, solar street lamps in the morning, solar street lights will be silently switched off. The solar street light is how to realize the switch control? This is from the solar street light light-activated and control functions. 1, electric solar street light has the function of optical by sensing elements, to probe the nature of light, if it is the day, can let a solar street light not bright, if it was night, can control the solar street light began to work. Relating to the function of the main meaning is through the solar street light on judgment day and night to control lights and turn off the lights, don't need human intervention solar street lamps and off. Not only save trouble, and very accurate, whether it's summer sunshine time longer, shorter or sunshine in the winter time, will be able to accurately according to the dark and dawn to control the solar street light on or off. 2, when the control point refers to from the solar street light timing starts when you start work, always be bright to continue to set the time, such as the design is 5 hours lights, you can bright five hours, if the design is bright 8 hours, can lights 8 hours, 12 hours if the design is light, you can light and 12 hours. Control function can largely save electricity, save energy, when the control is based on the actual needs of lighting in the night to design. Such as residents of the rest time is commonly after 12 o 'clock, you can highlight to 12 points, some rest later, local residents can bright until 2 o 'clock in the morning.
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