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How do solar street lights set working hours?

by:SRS     2020-03-25

Solar lights lit up the road it can sense the arrival of the dark light up, also can sense early morning and go out, it's all because of time controlled by the core controller led solar street lamp. Below small make up to you to introduce the principle: when leaving the factory, generally set up according to the requirements of working hours, solar street lamp, startup and shutdown time, determined by the street lamp controller. Most of the controller is set in the interior of the lamp door, now our company produces the most lithium storage and control integration machine installed in the bottom of the solar panels. Controller adjustment decomposition and remote adjustment, external adjustment keys can be manually adjusted, but most of the remote control to adjust on the market at present, this kind of controller to adjust the work time, must be equipped with remote control, how to adjust the time also depends on the use which kinds of led solar street lamp controller. 1, the charging circuit adopts double MOS series control circuit, the circuit voltage loss reduce nearly the half of diodes charge, using PWM energy-saving control, greatly improving the power consumption. 2, all components of the industrial chips and closed all the constraints such as cold, high temperature, damp environment to work properly, the crystal time control at the same time make the time more precise control. 3 batteries, scientific management mode, when happened to discharge, battery charging voltage boost, maintenance and normal use after compensation, using direct charging and float charging connection, has a high precision temperature compensation at the same time, the charging more accurate.4, load model controlled by pure light, photosensitive system in the light automatically when open, illumination time is controlled by a microprocessor and special control algorithm automatically, realize the intelligent control. 
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