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How do solar LED street lamp design all?

by:SRS     2020-12-05

today, LED solar street lamps manufacturer to explain how to design the related work of LED solar street light. 1. Overview of solar energy is recognized as a green energy, solar energy street light more and more mature, the development of practical application is becoming more and more popular. Basic principle of solar street lamps system schematic is shown in figure 1, the system generally consists of solar panels, controller, battery, lamp holder, light pole, cables and other components. Image, this system is similar to the human body, every day to work, also need food supplement energy. Sunlight is the inexhaustible food street lamp free energy, solar panels are similar to the human mouth to absorb energy, the battery is stored energy of the stomach, the lamp is hard work tools to bring light to the world. The solar street light system is unlike humans, it is to eat during the day, night work. But just have the torso, solar street light system, there is no way to operate, and the controller is the role of the brain, he'll pass neurons ( Corresponding street lamp system of wire) Send instruction to the torso. And send these instructions may be based on external factors, also may be internal factors. For example, not to eat, No sunlight) Something is about to start work, eat, With the sun's rays) Stop work and start eating; Belly is full, Battery is full) Need to stop eating, hungry flat, even at the work time, also need to have a rest to save energy. 2. Preliminary communication project information this part of the work is very important, the most headache thing, the customer does not provide any information, he said small 2, give me a little wine, this how do we know that your daughters red or spirit erguotou, is to 42 & deg; Or 56 & deg; To 5 jins or two? But in the early, want to put all project information communication in one, is very difficult. So the first thing you need to collect the following information: 1: one of the essential parameters of the project to determine the capacity of solar panels, must be accurate to the city; 2: the road conditions the road width, light pole spacing, installation and location, provide the best drawings; 3: lamp holder for lamp holder power, color temperature requirements, intensity of illumination requirement 3. Specific project plan design after preliminary communication project information, first don't tube, reasonable or not, the information provided by the contradiction or not will be made first solar street lamps system design. Mainly divided into two parts of road landscape lighting and solar street lamps system capacity design, after the results, with the actual data and effect together with the customer communication optimization scheme. 3. 1 road landscape lighting design designers in the design of the part to be familiar with lighting road design standards, and mastering the illumination simulation software. According to the customer the design standards and requirements, choose appropriate lamp holder to calculate the best reasonable installation. But often in the design process, according to the requirement of the customer description of simulating lighting results can't meet customer requirement, so need to designers in this section fully communication with customers, and constantly update perfect plan. 3. 1. 1 road information import

according to the customer to provide the project information, import road information (1) the street design standard ( European standard CIE140 / EN13201 or American standard ANSI/IESNARP - 8 - 00 standard) The corresponding level; (2) road arrangement ( Lanes and sidewalks, emergency road, sod, isolation belt, etc. ) ; (3) the street pavement layer level, the evenness and wet asphalt level; 3. 1. 2 lamps and lanterns information according to the customer to provide installation information to import, import the lamps and lanterns is arranged information: (1) import selected the IES report of lamps and lanterns; (2) the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, Cross single row, double row, double row relative) ; (3) light pole ( Installation height, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and face each light pole distance, the number of lamps and lanterns, the distance between the two light pole) Above is the LED manufacturers to share the entire contents of the solar street lamps, hope can help to you.

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