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How do rural solar street lights maintenance? ? ?

by:SRS     2020-07-21

solar street light how to maintain? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows:  1, encountered strong winds, heavy rain, hail, snow, etc. , measures should be taken to protect the solar cell phalanx, lest damage; 2, solar cell phalanx of daylighting to keep clean, if dust or other dirt, should wash first, then the water gently wipe with a clean gauze;  3, do not use hard object or corrosive solvent wash, wipe. In general, don't need to make surface cleaning, solar energy battery components for exposed wiring junction for regular inspection, maintenance;  4, with matching battery, solar street lamps should be used in strict accordance with the use of the storage battery maintenance methods;  5, check the grounding resistance of the solar street light. 
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