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How can a solar street light more bright?

by:SRS     2021-03-03
How can a solar street light more bright? Solar street light has many advantages, such as, saving energy, saving money, wide applicability, long life and other advantages, but the solar street light and has a fatal weakness, brightness is smaller, after all, solar street light is the fulfillment of the purpose of lighting by solar energy, no mains power supply. Improve the brightness of the solar street lamps, also become the target of solar street lamp manufacturers, one of the numerous solar street lamps factory also seek a means to win the market, usually to improve the brightness of the solar street lamps, we can from the following several aspects to improve. 1, use more efficient lights, increase the efficiency of the lamp bead is the method to solve the problem of solar energy street lamp brightness on the source, through the adoption of more advanced, more efficient, better brand lamp bead, can achieve a better, brighter lighting effect, at present there are several global LED lamp bead production and suppliers, the efficiency of LED is different. 2, reduce the resistance of the solar street lamp circuit power consumption is far greater than the utility of the street lamp, because the same power, the current of solar street light will be bigger, according to the ohm's law, current is added, the power will be to increase in multiples of square! Because the cause of the power consumption, solar street light energy into electricity heat loss out of the way. In general, improve the efficiency of the solar street light, reduce the loss of the circuit method is to increase the roughness of wires, using better cable, reduce the resistance of the cable, through such measures, circuit loss can be greatly reduced. 3 some solar street lighting, reduce unnecessary lighting time continued into the night 1 point, two points, some even are all lights on all night, but the real need is not the case, a lot of places in the summer after 12 o 'clock, after 11 o 'clock in winter is almost no pedestrians, so, in general, solar road 5 - the light lamp 6 hours is enough, solar street light redundant configuration can be applied in a shorter period of time, in order to increase brightness, improve the power of light source, rather than like a candle, dim lamps are lit all night long. 4, use the pervious to light performance better material loss of a good portion of solar energy street lamp light is on the lens and reflector, improve the efficiency of the lens and reflector is a very effective way to improve the solar street light brightness. 5, increase the heat radiator has been LED the development of the constraints and bottlenecks, increase the cooling efficiency and increase the cooling is one of the effective methods to improve the efficiency of solar energy street light lamp bead, and can effectively reduce the light failure, improve the service life of the solar street lamps light source.
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