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Highway bridge: why do you want to install street lamp?

by:SRS     2021-04-30
High speed are not allowed to install street lamp, but why you want to install the bridge street lamp? As everybody knows, the highway is not allowed to install the lamp, because of the high speed are installed on the street lamp will not only gain huge overhead, but also can increase the risk of highway traffic safety, now that the highway is not allowed to install street lamp, then why highway Bridges will install solar street lamp? The reasons are as follows: 1, Bridges, speed through the street lamp is important Bridges in cars, all need to slow down, slow down, street lamp lighting will not cause glare like on the motorway, so is the use of the lights on the bridge. 2, Bridges, important, need to protect the bridge construction cost is very high, the difficulty is very big, and the strategic facilities of the national key protection, need to provide protection for Bridges, on the bridge solar street lamp installation, prevent the vehicle traffic accidents caused by the vision not clear, prevent damage of the bridge. 3, bridge traffic situation was complex, need lighting bridge traffic conditions is very complex, often bridge slope, horizontal wind, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles in a traffic, and even some Bridges and train, train, high-speed through the bridge of the regional climate changes and wind also more complicated than the land, so, in order to prevent the happening of the accident, the bridge will be installed on the street lamp, to assist the driver observation of the traffic conditions. 4, bridge risk more difficult to rescue them, need lighting bridge in case of traffic accident, rescue the difficulty will be greater than the land, but they may harm is bigger, the traffic recovery will take time will be longer, so the vehicle bridge through all need to slow down, and also need the bridge road lighting at night.
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