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High power solar street light system is what

by:SRS     2020-07-16

High power solar street lighting system by solar energy battery components, battery, controller, light source, AC power inverter composed of several) 。 factory according to the choice of light source; Control circuit; Solar panels best Angle; Determine the solar energy battery components and battery capacity for solar street light system is analyzed. The solar cell is a power supply for solar street lamp, because the cost of solar energy battery components of existing technology is relatively high, in order to reduce the system cost, the use of efficient light sources. Solar street lamp system generally small photovoltaic power generation system, the world bank's standard is the small solar system controller of the power flow is less than 1% of the rated current, therefore low power device selection and circuit design is very important. Solar street light is a voltage comparator is a control circuit, composed of integrated operational amplifier circuit, the circuit is controlled by the hardware system, simple and reliable, easy maintenance, low cost, circuit power consumption is low, is a good matching circuit. The key to the circuit is based on the characteristics of charge and discharge and bad design better battery voltage, while the choice of equipment is reliable, status, and light-emitting diodes (leds) indicates the charging and discharging circuit, become a controller circuit has a practical function, can prevent the battery discharge and recharge function. Direct coupling system of charging and discharging control circuit, according to the features of matching with the battery LED, can realize the adaptive power, the solar radiation that is not enough, because of low battery state of charge of battery voltage, low emissions, so the load current is small, small power, the system can work long hours.
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