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High pole lamp manufacturers: how to install the high pole lamp

by:SRS     2021-07-30
At present, many municipal projects will choose specialized high-pole lamp manufacturers to cooperate and purchase such high-pole lamps. Not only that, but for manufacturers, they will also specifically instruct construction workers to install this kind of lamps. I can tell you about it.  1. Be sure to check all the components carefully.    For manufacturers, if customers need to install such high-pole lights, they will also send someone to guide them. Generally, construction workers are required to count all the components, and only after these components are fully satisfied, they should be installed. You can usually check whether these components meet the requirements based on the loading list or the packing list.   2. Check for damage.    When installing, the construction workers should generally check whether there is any damage to the components. If there is a phenomenon of bending, twisting or damage to the zinc layer, you should contact the manufacturer of the high pole lamp in time, and then return it. Most high pole solar street lamp manufacturers will return these damaged parts for free, and will not charge any intermediate fees.   Three, mark the type on the pole body     The last point, for the high pole lamp manufacturer, what needs to be done is to mark its type on each section of the pole body. Not only that, you can also indicate the specific order number, or the number of segments. This can bring great convenience to construction workers during installation, and for manufacturers, they can also verify whether their shipments are correct.   For most high pole lamp manufacturers, if construction workers are installing these lamps, they must send special personnel to the site for guidance. Only in this way can we truly ensure that the service is in place and attract more buyers to cooperate with them. Usually the high pole solar street lamp manufacturer can also mark the pole body according to the socket length provided on the drawing, so that the construction worker can directly use it when socketing.
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