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High lamp life analysis

by:SRS     2021-01-19
High lamp life analysis high lamp is now on the market very popular varieties of a solar street lamp, because of its cost is relatively high, buy a light, it requires a lot of costs, so most of the people are particularly concerned about high lamp life problem. Length there are many factors affecting the service life of light, will come under the specific analysis. Light is made up of main stem, lifting system, the lamp and lamp holder composed of four parts, each part indirectly affects the service life of the light. Under normal circumstances, the light of the main stem length will be higher than that of 20 meters, so the light will need to be galvanized process make light, prolong service life. Normally if there is no special damage, light, the service life of the main stem to 15 years. Qualified as long as the material and manufacturing process, usually the main stem or a long service life. Lift system can say is a core component of the light, because it directly affect the use effect of the lamp panel. In general, if the rope light, quality is good enough, so the service life of the hoist will be extended. Light dish most is done by welding, usually light plate of the possibility of damage is lower, so the service life of the lamp panel is still very long. Now the lamp holder belong to electronic products, it is difficult to distinguish it from the outside, but a direct impact on the service life of the light. So when choosing must look for the regular brand.
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