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Fan will slowly out of solar street light fittings

by:SRS     2021-01-10
Fan fan will slowly withdraw from the solar street light fittings is a kind of solar street lights, solar street lamps with solar street lamps fan has two purposes, one is a supplement to the energy of solar street light, one is related to policy support, the fan market, if use industry fan just chicken ribs. Do have a point. 1 small fan, fan electricity labeling power 300 w, 500 w, but the actual power is much lower than this value, even if an installation location has stable wind, the actual usage, the fan is unable to provide so much energy. 2, short service life of the fan fan's life is in commonly 3 years, and the service life of the solar panels in more than 20 years, so, in general, over the years, scenery complementary solar street lights will depend entirely on solar panels to generate electricity. 3, blower fan of expensive prices generally 600-300 watts 1000 yuan, 800-400 watts 1200 yuan, 500 watts, 600 watts of more expensive, and the actual use, is much less than the solar panels are affordable. 4, fan weight is big, high requirements for light pole fan at dozens of kilograms, and installed in the top of the solar street light, so the same lighting power, solar street light with fan, than the ordinary solar street light on the requirements of the light pole is much higher. Fan solar street lamps in the light of the above points, in recent years, the demand for less and less, and general demand for solar street light is bigger and bigger, can be seen from the law of the market, the intrinsic defects of fan, will make it lose market altogether.

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