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Distinguish between solar panels quality techniques

by:SRS     2020-05-04

Solar panels plays a vital role in the field of new energy, as long as it is solar energy products all need the solar battery, use a very wide range: solar street light, solar garden light, solar lawn lamp, scenery complementary street light, solar power systems and so on all are strongly associated with solar panels. Components and solar panels solar lamps and lanterns is directly related to the quality of the equipment efficiency. The current solar panel manufacturers, inferior solar panels, there are many, some ordinary users of solar panels is not very understanding, may be more headaches when the choose and buy solar panels, then LED street lamp manufacturers to introduce how to judge the quality of solar panels is good or bad.  First, see positive: take a closer look at toughened glass surface, some solar panels manufacturer in order to improve the production speed, often don't accidentally drip on toughened glass on the surface of silica gel, it is not clear will affect the efficiency of the panels.The cell 2: a lot of informal manufacturers with broken battery slice, what seems to be a complete cell composed of welding, there is a big risk, this way may not be very obvious, the early late but spliced cell easily broken again, affects the use of the whole piece of panels. The third, look at the back, see the effect after the back pressure, pressure and uneven, such as bubbles, fold marks, such as the solar panels is not qualified.  4, watch silica gel: look around on the back of the silica gel is evenly distributed, whether into back and frame of the gap. 5, the border: many manufacturers with the method of artificial playing box, led solar street lamp artificial box can't guarantee every hard right, playing good box contact close degree also differ, modelling is not a strict rectangular, solid degree also sell at a discount greatly. 6, the welding: careful observation of cell series welding with and without leakage welding phenomenon. At the same time also depends on whether the cell is arranged under the neat. 7, the junction box: finally see whether junction box and firm, junction box lid can firmly, closely on the junction box; Can see if wire wire locks is free to rotate to tighten. That's solar panels in how to identify the main points of the led solar street lamp, we have to judge from subtleties quality stand or fall. Hope the above points I believe I can help you, a better understanding of solar panels, let ordinary users also can well identify the stand or fall of solar panel component. 
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