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Discuss how to reform the traditional street lamps become the solar street light

by:SRS     2021-01-22
Discussion on how to reform the traditional street lamp become as global resources reduce solar street lamps, social demand increase, solar street lamps and other new energy street light into everyone's vision. Known solar street lamps energy-saving but cost is very high, everyone is looking for ways to save costs. Urban road has been using traditional street lamp for a long time, so the traditional street lamp production is very big, if able to transform the traditional street lamp, make it has the function of the solar street light, not only can save cost also can environmental protection and energy saving, kill two birds with one stone. Current project has been gradually implemented. Main method is to keep the original light pole and line, the traditional street lamp replacement for energy conservation and environmental protection lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, the original form of electricity generation to change into a photovoltaic power generation. Of course still need to follow certain principles. 1. To ensure that modified street lamp provides pedestrians with comfortable light, does not affect the traffic safety. 2. In every way to ensure the stability of the case the most greatly reduce the cost of renovation and energy consumption. 3. To ensure the stability of the power supply system, when the power is in the solar energy can't make sure there are other ways of power supply. 4. Reform also requires a combination of various conditions. To ensure that the right place, right time and, according to the specific circumstances specified concrete retrofit scheme. If traditional street lamp project can proceed smoothly, so will be a street lamp, another milestone in the history.
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