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Development prospect and trend of solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-09

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, all kinds of industries are starting to appear on the social new development and changes. Lamps and lanterns industry, is becoming a new trend of development of led solar street lamp, led lighting industry in the new development. Usually, when we walk on the way, we may find the street lamp and we usually see is not the same. Differed from the street lamp is equipped with solar silicon, so that they can use the solar power. In addition, solar silicon, there will be a small windmill trilobites, this is the use of wind power.We'd like to see the device for the first time. This can reasonable use of wind and solar power, led solar street lamp can not only save energy and protect the environment, and to ensure that night lighting and traffic safety. Therefore, compared with the energy shortage, power tension region, the problem can be solved by using the solar energy street light. Because our country the geography position is very advantageous to the use of solar power, solar year total radiation all over the country throughout the year is 3340 - 8400 MJ /, its average of 5852 MJ/( Regardless of the plateau) 。 Plain or low latitudes in solar radiation can reach more than 5000 MJ/J. As a result, China's solar energy resources is very rich, solar energy will attract more talents to further research and development, will have more resources into the solar industry, so as to promote the sustainable development of solar energy, so the solar market prospect in China.  solar street light not only can bring new elements of urban and rural areas, still can save a lot of installation cost and operation cost, it has been known by more and more users. With China's response to the requirements of energy conservation and emissions reduction, is becoming a new trend of development of solar street lamps, led street lamp industry's new development. At the same time, in our life, we often advocate environmental protection, to reasonable use high-tech, solar street light is like this, is worth promoting. 
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