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Design of solar street lamps don't have to stick to

by:SRS     2020-05-06

Modern solar street light more pursuit is concise and fluent line structure, pay more attention to the realization of the function and efficiency the concept of environmental protection, led solar street lamp factory cancelled complex trivial details in design and present a light texture with simple lines, bright and compact design can light up the area of large area, more rare is its itself is never tireless road lighting decorations, more has the time feeling and the design feeling. The road environment characteristics of different, different requirements for led solar street lamp collocation, pay attention to the coordination on color and texture, light on the must meet the needs of local lighting, style requires coordinated as far as possible, don't feel fit, on the integral collocation can flexible use, the same type of solar street light, lighting can be suitable for different places, as long as the lighting can meet the demand, do not conflict with the overall atmosphere, can be flexible to install use, need not constrained at the moment. Solar street lamp lighting effect, to the person's visual function is very important, on the function of lighting design must meet the needs of people at night a variety of activities, but also attaches great importance to the lighting effect of the space, under the nowadays the increasingly development of lighting technology, people no longer simply meet the lighting needs, and create more different shapes, various material and different style of creative solar street light became the people to the pursuit of the goal. 
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