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Debug the solar street light

by:SRS     2020-05-05

Regardless of the volume of a full led solar street lamp, the stand or fall of function, in order to ensure the lamp life, life spans as well as the maintenance of its control function, apply when demand detailed debugging, as long as to ensure our solar street light in use process, not because of unexpected circumstances lead to a crisis. So how to debug the led solar street lamp? Jin hui Ming solar street lamp manufacturers to below you make a detailed introduction. The primary demand for solar street light control system for the detailed commissioning activities, about this can be in different season for lighting equipment, its light open and close control requirements and natural climate change presents a situation together. Such as in the summer at the use of solar energy street lamp, controller will be in at first light in closed street lamps, and once at night, lights and will set a good time on time. Because there is a switch in the program, so the solar energy control system can reveal such an important role. In addition to the control system, solar street light is also a kind of extremely pay attention to practice effective lighting equipment, use it for the duration of the battery power demand is also a must. And when the battery charging operation completed, also perhaps is now unable to absorb energy, solar energy street light inside a control system will be in time for its closure instructions, so you can maintain battery under safe voltage support, not easy to automate control attack damage. Led solar street lamp of debugging work, of course, is not confined to the above two points, but if it is from the point of view of practice and safety requirements, the debugging operations can ensure that only street lamp can stick to a safe condition in the process of using. 
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