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Deal with solar power lithium batteries or gel battery

by:SRS     2021-01-20
Deal with solar power lithium batteries or gel battery for solar street lamps use lithium battery or gel battery, is the problem that a lot of people are struggling with, how to use what kind of battery, is also debated, then we from several aspects to compare first, and then compare the prices, we look at what kind of battery for the use of. 1, security in terms of stability, the stability of the colloid storage battery is higher than lithium batteries, lithium batteries one of thousands of points in the process of charging and discharging rates of deflagration phenomenon, this is very dangerous, the risk is also quite big, what's worse, the lithium battery is not resistant to impact, if transit encounter intense bombardment may also produce the deflagration phenomenon, lead to serious accidents. And colloidal battery is not so, relative is very high, the safety of the colloidal battery in use almost didn't happen this kind of phenomenon happens. 2, the service life of colloidal battery and lithium battery service life almost, and at present the mainstream is lithium battery service life is longer than colloid storage battery, this statement is controversial, however, may be associated with manufacturers vigorously promote lithium batteries. 3, charge and discharge depth charge and discharge depth, lithium battery charge and discharge depth is the double of colloidal battery, so the lithium battery can use half the capacity of the gel battery capacity, it is for the promotion of the lithium battery provides a great convenience. 4, charge and discharge times colloid storage battery charging and discharging times - in 1000 1200 times, 18650 lithium battery charge and discharge times can reach 2000 times from the data point of view, lithium battery charge and discharge frequency will be higher. 5, high temperature and low temperature working temperature for - capacity lithium battery 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, but below 0 degrees Celsius, lithium battery performance will be worse, performance degradation, so when the temperature is low, the performance of lithium-ion batteries is not very good, it is recommended to use in the northern region is colloid storage battery. At present, the production of batteries, good low temperature resistance, good for the application of lithium battery in the north, the use of low temperature resistant batteries can achieve temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, and at present in the northern heating resistance wire and lithium batteries to be used at the same time, can the effective protection of lithium battery using temperature not too low.
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