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Buy solar street light traps should pay attention to what?

by:SRS     2020-03-18

Today, solar street lights are widely used, but due to the market price of the solar street lights, led solar street lamp manufacturer's quality also each are not identical. Therefore, it will lead to some serious influence on its use led solar street lamp. So, when buying solar street lights, which should be paid attention to, so as not to fall out of the pit?  1, the fake chips; Low-end chips LED lamps and lanterns is the core of the chip, chip directly determine the performance of the light! However, some unscrupulous manufacturers use customer unprofessional, using low cost chip enables clients to high price to buy low quality products, resulting in a direct economic benefits. Light emitting diode lamp damage and serious quality hazards.  2 as gold wire, copper wire and the problem of controller many LED manufacturers are trying to develop copper alloy, gold-plated silver alloy wire and silver alloy wire instead of the expensive gold thread. Although these alternatives is better than that of gold thread on certain features, but their poor chemical stability. Silver and gold plated silver alloy wire, for example, vulnerable to sulfur corrosion/chloride/bromide, copper wire is easy to oxide and sulfide. For packaging similar to the sponge absorption, air permeability and silica gel, these alternatives to make bonding line are more susceptible to chemical attack, reduce the reliability of the light source, and make it easier for lights off. > in the solar street light controller, if the controller fails, in the process of testing and inspection, 'the whole lights', 'open to turn off the lights when no' and 'damage', 'a single light emitting diode bulbs die', 'the whole lights flashing. 3, poor heat dissipation design, to exaggerate the configuration parameter in terms of thermal design, every additional 10 degrees PN junction temperature of the light emitting diode chip, the service life of semiconductor devices will be multiplied. Due to the high brightness led solar street light, the use of environmental requirements are higher. If heat dissipation problems is not a good solution, leds will quickly aging, stability and reduces. In addition, the unreasonable configuration usually leads to expectations of use. 4, configure the virtual standard and exaggerated configuration parameter the popularity of solar street lights also accompanied by falling prices and profits. Intense competition has prompted many solar street lamp manufacturers show solar light pole standard cutting Angle, light wattage, solar wattage, battery capacity and parameters. Everything is wrong. Of course, this is also the result of the customer and compare prices, this need low price, and is associated with the practice of some manufacturers. 
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