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Briefly describes the classification of the LED street lamp

by:SRS     2021-04-25
Street lamp lighting technology involved, suitable for street lights. Purpose is to design a long life, low power consumption, high power factor, current harmonic content is small efficient electronic energy saving lamps. The efficient electronic energy saving lamps including order grid connection of high voltage discharge branch R1, C1, rectifier bridge D1 - D4, power factor correction branch C2, D5, D6, high and moderate frequency burr filter branch L1 and L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit BG1 - BG2, start the branch L2, C7 and tubes T; Street lamp power saving 80% than before; THD harmonic content < 25%, extend the lamp life up to 3 - 4 times. Generally the classification of the LED street lamp, street lamp according to the shape of the light to differentiate species. Specific division method, the international commission on illumination ( CIE) Suggestions according to projection, extension, control item 3. (1) the projection. Said light of lamps and lanterns along the road longitudinal diffusion degree, divided into short, medium and long 3 kinds. (2) extension. Said light of lamps and lanterns in the degree of road horizontal diffusion, divided into narrow, in general, three kinds of wide. (3) control. Indicates the degree of control the glare of lamps and lanterns, divided into limited, medium, and strict 3 kinds. Street lamp installation bracket type, tall type, straight rod type, suspension type and wall to wait for a few kinds.
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