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Basic principle of solar street light photovoltaic effect is introduced

by:SRS     2020-07-07

 solar street light is made using the light born v effect principle of solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and translated into electricity output, light born v effect refers to the phenomenon of semiconductor produces electromotive force under the sun. Light born v effect or photovoltaic effect, scenery complementary controller refers to the uneven illumination semiconductor or generate an electrical potential difference between different parts of the semiconductor and metal combination. It is first and foremost by the photon ( Light waves) Into electronic process, the light energy into electrical energy; Secondly, the forming process of voltage. With voltage, built high DAMS, as if between connected, will form the current loop. If the light on the solar battery and light at the interface layer is absorbed, with enough energy photons can in p-type silicon and n-type silicon electronic excitation from covalent bond, so that produce electronic - Hole pair. Interface layer near the electrons and holes in the compound before, will be separated by space charge electric fields. To positively charged electron N area and hole to the negatively charged P area. Through the interface layer charge separation, between P and N area to create a testable voltage outward. At this time can be on either side of the silicon wafer with electrodes and connected to the voltmeter. For crystalline silicon solar cells, the open circuit voltage of typical numerical value is 0. 5 to 0. 6V。 The electronic - through the illumination in the interface layer Hole more than Vietnam, the greater the current. Interface layer of absorbed light, the more the interface layer of the cell area, the greater the formed in solar cell current. Solar is the most clean, safe and reliable energy in the future, the developed countries is the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the long-term planning energy revolution. 
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