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6 m solar street light price probably how much money

by:SRS     2020-03-17

Photovoltaic panels or lamps and lanterns and lithium-ion batteries, are worldwide producer in China, a few people with the combination of lithium battery solar street lamps popular both at home and abroad. The structure of the lithium battery solar street lamps a brief break down: mainly includes the lamp holder, panels, energy storage, lithium battery, light pole, controller and embedded parts, etc. In addition to the embedded parts, proportion of other product price is not small, the controller price is a little bit stable, small batch price about 80 yuan or so, prices are more stable in general and specific prices to see the customer to choose materials, shape, etc. About the lamp holder, the main products on the market is divided into three kinds of metal halide lamp, COB lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of modularization. Prices are different, and different, each have advantages. Metal halide lamp is cheap but life is short and easy bad, has been eliminated; COB lights and modularization are using the LED light source of lamps and lanterns, but is not the same as the single star light volume, COB light power is larger, COB of heat dissipation is relatively weak, short service life of some modules of lamps and lanterns of domestic quality assurance for at least 3 years commonly, the service life of the product for about 20 years and energy saving, but the price is the highest. Panels can be divided into single crystal and polycrystalline, usually formal export products in 25 years, the life of a small factory quality do not comment, there are some very poor, even together with tape. Energy storage, with lithium batteries voltage divided into 12 b and 24 v, price difference is very big also. < p > lithium battery of solar street light in front of the design, need to know the power of lamp holder, lighting hours a day, rainy days in a row, the battery discharge depth, etc. ; Then based on these data to calculate the required of the specifications of the battery, every piece of the minimum power of the panels, etc. , and then to determine the price. A whole - in 880 2880 yuan, the company specializing in the production of complete sets of lithium battery solar street lamps, the five components of autonomous research and development production, has a perfect after-sale service system and research and development production ability. Need to quote and product services can relate this company.  6 m what are the advantages of led solar street lamp? Street lamps have good lighting effect, street light penetration rate is very high, now in 6 m solar street light, in terms of lighting effect is very good. But a lot of people on how to buy lamps products is not very clear, so at the time of purchase products, from many Angle to enrich the specific knowledge is very important, so to make the final purchase products in better effect. 1 'pay attention to the actual situation of street lamp products purchased in the idea of led solar street lamp, can fully according to the path of the choose and buy is very important. The width of the road and path of the brightness of the lighting requirements should be comprehensive consideration. Only considering the actual content is very rich, can buy very suitable street light products. So 6 m to buy led solar street lamp should be based on the actual street to get to know, so you know whether the match. 2 use high security of the solar street light has the very good application, it is not just and street lamp products in use process and energy saving, and street lamp products in the process of using security is also closely related. In use process will not happen to get an electric shock and related problems, in actual use effect is very ideal, so the security has always been very active in using the product. Combined with the related knowledge, 6 m solar street light grasp the advantage of the situation can be very good. In understand street light product use, so I hope you the operator should be from several aspects to consider the relevant knowledge. Especially in the process of grasp the street light product use, product is also very high luminous efficiency, has become the use effect is very good product
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