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6 m solar street light price how many money?

by:SRS     2020-04-21
6 m solar street light price how many money? As for the current new energy, electricity is very important one factor. The inhabitants of our country in recent years the power consumption increased, some areas of electricity can't keep up with, led to a very bad consequences. And the emergence of solar street light has to rely on past by solar power to illuminate the road light, solar street light as a very popular way, plays a decisive role, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of all led solar street lamp? 6 m solar street light price how many money? Solar street light invested a lot of cost in our country, first of all, is the high cost of solar street lamps, relative to the price of the electric lamp is not very obvious advantages. So 6 m solar street light price how many money? Can say the price of a set of solar street light on several hundred yuan, upfront investment is large, but there is no electricity in this area during the late consideration, so the long run, solar street light more save some energy. The second is the solar street light maintenance is higher, to the requirement of technical personnel for installation requirements are very high. But is a kind of long-term sustainable energy solar street lamps, so we should be widely used, for the moment in the development of the Netherlands is better, and Europe and other countries is very popular this way of power generation, so the improvement of the domestic equipment still need long-term solar street lamps.
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