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Solar landscape lamp there is advantage in terms of technology

by:SRS     2020-07-13

Solar street lamp manufacturer solar landscape lamp use LED as light source, because solar LED landscape lamp life can reach 50000 hours, low work voltage, and solar LED landscape light color colorful, various shape, if the user wants to achieve high efficiency and without the cost, so choose solar LED landscape light can meet your requirements. Now LED technology has been the key breakthrough, and its characteristics also had the very big enhancement, LED solar landscape lamp, of course, price is also have ups and downs. In addition, solar landscape lamp system consists of the low voltage dc power supply, light source, control the cost is low, to adjust light and shade, frequent switch will have bad influence on the performance of the leds. Solar landscape lamp installation can control light color, change the classification of the light, produce dynamic mirage, solar led landscape lamp is suitable for installation in the park, the need for residential area, commercial streets, tourist attractions, etc. Solar landscape lamp mainly decoration for the purpose, and solar landscape lamp can move to decorate, and easy to install, which makes by solar batteries, solar landscape lawn lamp shows many advantages like never before. Solar landscape lamp, taking advantage of the new type of green energy get rapid popularization and application. Led light source as the fourth generation of new light source in the designs city-lighting beautification, road lighting, garden lighting, indoor lighting, and other various areas of an effective use of lighting applications. Solar energy combined with led light source in a remote rural also has a lot of as without electricity, because it is difficult to universal coverage to remote rural grid, but the sun's rays can change the whole situation, so solar lighting lamps and lanterns has more extensive application prospect. As solar outdoor lamps and lanterns, with the development of green lighting will become a kind of healthy trend. 
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