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Solar battery installation ways

by:SRS     2021-05-04
Solar battery 1, buried buried several installation methods are the most common and most common colloid storage battery, the most traditional way of installation, method is to colloidal battery into the ground after box, again into the underground, buried in the grave, warm in winter and cool in summer, ensure the battery can work under normal temperature, buried installation is very obvious, the advantages of easy installation, low cost, safety, security, constant temperature, etc. 2, hanging hanging, typically by an iron battery box, hanging on the top of the light pole in the middle or, this approach is generally Africa commonly used a battery installation, main purpose is to prevent theft of battery, because installed in underground storage battery the locals can dig out home when the storage battery, and when put on the light pole, they can't move down. 3, the bottom of the bottom radical radical installed solar battery refers to the iron battery box at the bottom of the light pole, or on the side of the flange, one can open the door, after loading the battery can be locked up, the purpose is to facilitate maintenance and replacement, generally is where unable to dig a hole, such as Bridges, on the mountain. 4, general installation in lithium battery lithium battery solar stent below or on the lamps and lanterns of a lithium battery storage location, general position won't appear too big deviation, the biggest advantage is the province electric wire.
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