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I want to sell solar street lamp, but heard that water is deep, the industry is how to, how to do?

by:SRS     2021-01-28
I want to sell solar street lamp, but heard that water is deep, the industry is how to, how to do? Q: I want to sell solar street lamp, can you tell me how to sell? How a: sales market is the objective existence of solar street lamps, a lot of people have done very well, is generally sold in municipal, many sales are very good asked, heard that water deep in the solar street lamps, is it? A: sales not only involves technology, solar street lamps also involves higher social skills, and interpersonal relationship in many aspects, such as if this convenient advantage, how much of a problem. Q: solar energy street light distribution needs a lot of professional knowledge, hard? Answer: although the solar street lamps is one of the more professional technology, but in general, is not too difficult, the difficulty is to learn to use smart phones, and even more simple, a lot of people over the age of 60 uncle generation of distribution of solar street lamp, a few days to school is very poor, also invented a lot of ways. Q: solar energy street light isn't difficult to want money? Can loan recovery? Answer: it is most people are more concern of the solar street lamps, solar street lighting unit sales object is authority, such as the village government, street lamp, urban construction, urban and rural construction department, and so on, as long as you are no problem of the lamps in the distribution, money is better, are generally in accordance with the contract payment, not a lot of problems. Q: sales are solar street lamps need to bid? Answer: the distribution of solar street lamps some need to bid some don't need, smaller projects, can do not need to bid, larger and unified procurement project, need to bid, another private factories, villa also do not need to bid.
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