SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

How to pay for modern garden lamp post lights ?

The Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. brand has always attracted more market customers. Various in styles, SRS's solar garden lights can meet the needs of different customers. From wafer washing, fabrication to polishing, the production of SRS solar light is under strict quality control. Each step is monitored by our professional technicians. Adopting nano-waterproof technology, it can be used outdoors. The product can withstand the stress from the body. The Achilles tendon protector reduces stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel. The aluminum housing guards against from corrosion and oxidization.

Dedication to customer success is a core value that affects everything we do. We quickly react to customers and their needs and make regular communication with customers, which helps us close gaps between customer expectations and our services.
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