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Why solar street light configuration, no unified standards?

by:SRS     2020-03-28

With the progress of photovoltaic technology, the use of solar energy is more and more widely, many rural street lamps using solar energy. Solar street light has been widely used in rural areas. , however, the market price is not balanced, mainly because there is no uniform standard. Some configuration is very high, nature price is also high. Some of the configuration of natural low price. So why solar street light configuration, there is no uniform standard?  a, rizhao coefficient in different areas of the different in some regions with high coefficient of sunshine, use the same power of solar panels, solar street light charging more in this area. However, in some areas, low coefficient of sunlight every day fee will be less. Therefore, compared with high coefficient of rizhao area, using solar panels to power will be higher. 2, north and south temperature the south is the minimum temperature of 10 degrees below zero in winter, so you can use the lower prices of 3. 2 v battery, lithium iron phosphate and northern winter low temperature is not suitable for lithium iron phosphate batteries, can only use the 12 v ternary lithium battery, because the ternary lithium battery has the characteristics of low temperature resistant. 3, number of rainy days, vary from area to area in some areas, there are many rainy days, so in order to make sure the solar street light on a rainy day to light, solar lithium battery capacity must be increased. In some places, less rain, so the capacity of lithium-ion batteries do not need so big. Like panzhihua of guizhou and guangxi, panzhihua requires less rain, so it's battery capacity does not need so big, guangxi and guizhou need just the a result, from the point of view of the above three, solar energy street light can't be in each region to achieve the unified standard. In each region to buy solar street light price is different. This is because the led solar street lamp factory matching different configurations according to different regions, so the solar street light there is no uniform standard price.
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