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Why must be hot dip galvanized solar street lamps light pole?

by:SRS     2021-02-25
Why must be hot dip galvanized solar street lamps light pole? Is outdoor lighting, solar street lamps in the atmosphere through the sun and rain, and soil and water erosion, so the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of solar street light light pole has certain requirements, in order to keep the solar street light has corrosion resistance ability and higher service life, all need to be hot dip galvanized steel protection. Hot dip galvanized, also called hot dip zinc, put steel light pole in hot dipped zinc pool, let a good contact with steel and zinc water, so as to achieve the tight binding, at this time of zinc and iron and steel are of blend mutually, texture closely, is not easy to fall off, new research suggests that also can form zinc - between zinc and iron Iron compounds, such compounds have very stable state, is one of the important reason to keep the steel from corrosion. Why, then, galvanized after will not rust? Because zinc in atmosphere susceptible to oxidation, dense oxide layer, blocking the further oxidation of oxygen, so as to ensure the integrity of the surface, and the zinc anode sacrifice, when iron was corrosion, electron transfer, first sacrifice is zinc, thus protecting the support effect of iron. So, hot dip galvanized for solar street lamps light pole of protection is very important, some undesirable solar street lamps manufacturer in order to save cost, with cold galvanized or is simply not galvanized deceive consumers, these are all kill method, it is not advisable.
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