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Why do solar scenery complementary street lamps used more and more popular?

by:SRS     2021-02-02
Solar scenery complementary street lamp is a new field of new energy use, it not only can reduce our dependence on conventional electric city lighting, also provides a new solution for the rural lighting. China's existing urban and rural street lamp, total about 200 million lamps, and is growing at 20% a year, if this all 200 million lamps of 400 w and 250 w high pressure sodium lamp to 150 or 100 watts scenery complementary LED street lamps, and every street lamp to work 12 hours a day, within a year will save 150 billion KWH. Scenery complementary street lamp advantages for energy conservation and emissions reduction, saving environmental protection, no late a lot of electricity expenses. A resource-conserving and environment-friendly society is becoming the trend of The Times. Compared to traditional street lamps, scenery complementary street lamps in the natural renewable solar energy and wind energy can, do not consume any non-renewable energy, no pollution gases released into the atmosphere, causing decreased to zero emissions. Come down for a long time, the protection of environment is self-evident, but also from the cost of late a lot of electricity expenses. Scenery complementary street lamp from cable laying project, without a lot of power supply facilities construction. Mains lighting engineering operation procedure complex, LanGou excavation, laying drainage tubes, pipe threading, backfill foundation engineering, need a lot of artificial; At the same time, transformer, power distribution cabinets, distribution board, such as large quantities of electrical equipment, will also cost a lot of money. Is not scenery complementary street lamps, each lamp is the individual alone, do not need to pave cable, need large quantities of electrical equipment, the province of human and financial resources. Individual damage does not affect global, not influenced by blackouts. Since conventional street lamp is cable connection, is likely to be because of the individual, and affects the whole power supply system; Wind-light complementary street light will not appear this kind of circumstance. Distributed independent power generation system, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of the other street light, even in large area blackout, also won't affect illume, not the loss of control so greatly reduced. Save a lot of overhead cable, more from the loss of cable were stolen. Grid universal remote area is beyond the reach of street lamp installation, wiring installation cost is high, and there will be a serious theft phenomenon. Once the theft, affect the entire power output, huge losses. Use of scenery complementary street lamp does not have this concern, every street lamp, independent from cable connection, even if the theft occur will not affect the normal operation of other street lamps, to * low loss. Solar scenery complementary street lamp is controlled by intelligent controller, can be divided into two kinds of automatic control, time control, electric, both safety and economy; Its own independent power supply system, from the large interference circuit construction, simple process, short time limit, it is more convenient to maintain. The use of scenery complementary street lamp is more and more popular, because they are on the road safety at night is a very effective. The public and the environment, this is a win-win situation, because it didn't work using the power of fossil fuels. Scenery complementary street light another advantage is that they are in any case, in any natural disasters, like a storm, hurricane or storm, due to the use of the sun and the wind natural scenery complementary street lamp power, it can work normally, help protect the streets of the night. Economically viable scenery complementary street lamps, in most areas are put into use. Solar scenery complementary street lamp does not need any mining or installation without too much labor, there is no cable connected to them. They have the solar panels absorb solar energy, and fan of wind, which makes the wind solar street lamps light up at night. But its solar panels must be aligned correctly, in the right direction, to collect sunlight as much as possible. Solar scenery complementary street lamp is a green energy, it produces is * new technological inventions. Its use can reduce power consumption, operation cost is not high also, installation is simple, can save a lot of manpower material resources, does not require any maintenance.
However, with the increased prevalence of solar light, it has become far more affordable.
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