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Why choose lithium battery solar street lamps than lead-acid battery?

by:SRS     2020-03-26

With lithium battery technology becoming more mature, the capacity is more and more big, the life is more and more long, the lithium battery has begun application on solar street lamp, replace the lead acid battery and gel battery. Why so many people choose solar lithium battery?a, lithium battery: the performance of lead-acid batteries. The current lithium iron phosphate batteries are common. This battery is not like a lead-acid battery has the memory function. After more than 1000 times charging and discharging, battery storage capacity can reach 85%. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries has light weight, large capacity, long using time, etc.2, lead-acid battery: electricity is mainly composed of lead and oxide, electrolyte for sulfuric acid solution. When lead-acid batteries, plus or minus the main group is divided into lead dioxide, and negative primary group is divided into lead, plus or minus principal component for lead sulfate in the release point. As a result of the lead-acid battery memory effect, when the overlapping lead-acid battery more than 500 times, the storage capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced. Three, why lithium batteries more than the lead-acid battery to choose?  1。 The lithium battery has small volume, light weight, time and energy, etc. At present, the choice is usually comprehensive street lamp, led solar street lamp if lead-acid battery needs to be buried underground around the light pole, placed in a box of buried, if use lithium battery, because of light weight, can hang across the panels, save time and manpower.  2。 Less pollution than lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and is a green and environmental protection. As we all know, a short service life of the lead-acid battery. Although they are cheap, but may have to change once a year, it will greatly increase the pollution to the environment. And lead-acid battery itself by pollution bigger than lithium battery itself, if always change them, they always will do harm to the environment. Lithium battery is not contaminated, while lead-acid batteries is polluted by heavy metal lead. 3。 Smart lithium-ion batteries < / p > < p > now lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more intelligent, function also more and more perfect. Now can be based on user demand for batteries, lithium-ion batteries use time to adjust. Many lithium battery can be installed a BMS management system, can view real-time mobile phone battery status, can the independent testing current and voltage of battery, if abnormal, the BMS system can automatically adjust. 4。 Lithium battery with long time < / p > < p > lead-acid battery in loss is relatively high, need to replace one or two times a year. The service life of lithium-ion batteries - for 3 years 5 years, which can guarantee the quality of lithium batteries for three years. The cycle life of the lead-acid battery is about 300 times. Lithium iron phosphate batteries, however, 3 c cycle life is higher also.  5, lithium battery high safety, no memory effect < / p > < p > lead-acid battery into water easily, lithium battery is not easy to fill. And lead-acid battery is a memory, is also not discharge charge will produce a memory effect, can affect the service life of batteries. And the lithium battery is without memory, can charge at any time. So to use and safety, and reassuring. Lithium iron phosphate has been rigorous safety testing, even in violent collisions, also won't produce explosion.  6, high lithium battery energy density lithium battery with high energy storage density, now has reached 460 - 600 wh/kg, it is about 6 - lead-acid batteries Seven times. It will be good for solar street light energy storage. 7, lithium battery, solar street light is high temperature resistant solar street light bare outside in the sun every day, so the requirements of high temperature environment. Lithium iron phosphate battery heat peak is 350 ~ 500 ℃, can in - 20℃- - - - - - - 60 ℃ under the environment of use.  8, price, warranty period on: on the market at present the mainstream is 48 v batteries, lead-acid battery is controlled 450 yuan, if in warranty period for 1 year; Lithium-ion batteries are relatively expensive, need 1000 yuan, but the quality assurance period for two years. Led solar street lamp lithium-ion batteries advantages: < / p > < p > 1. Green environmental protection; 2。 Lithium battery is convenient to install solar panels directly under the installation, small volume light weight reducing construction cost cost; 3。 Long life is one of the traditional energy storage lead-acid battery 3 - 5 times;  4。 High and low temperature resistance can be in - 20℃- 60 ℃ environment use, can in - seiko other technics 45 ℃ environment use; 
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