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What things should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing LED solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-07-24
Compared with traditional street lights, LED solar street lights have the advantages of low power consumption, long life, and energy saving. Therefore, this kind of street lights have gradually become the main force in lighting. Since the street lamp is installed outdoors, the quality of the street lamp must be high due to frequent wind and sun. Otherwise, when the street lamp is damaged, the safety of the road will also be threatened. Therefore, both companies and individuals need to be cautious when purchasing street lights.  First, reject counterfeiting, low-end chips  The core of the lamps is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the lamp. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of their customers' unprofessionalism and used low-priced or counterfeit chips, causing many customers to suffer losses. Not only that, the lamps produced also have serious quality risks.  Second, refuse to exaggerate the configuration parameters  Because of the widespread use of solar solar street light, the price and profit of manufacturers have also been greatly reduced. Fierce market competition has directly led to many things manufacturers began to cut corners. The main reason for this phenomenon is still the price.  Third, reject unreasonable configuration  In terms of heat dissipation of lamps, every time the temperature inside the chip rises by ten degrees, the life of the semiconductor will double and decrease. Therefore, if the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved, it will quickly lead to the aging of the lamp and reduce the performance. Unreasonable configuration fails to meet customer expectations.   The above is the introduction of some things that we need to pay attention to when purchasing LED solar street lights. In addition to the above three points, also pay attention to the problem of the street lamp controller. If the controller fails, during the solar street lamp test, there will be situations such as the street lamp goes out, the switch is not on time, and the street lamp flickers. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the chip and the manufacturer's configuration parameters, we must also pay special attention to the street lamp controller problem. Only by combining these aspects can we help you choose the right street lamp.
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