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What maintenance measures light pole?

by:SRS     2020-11-15

now China's solar street lamp lighting market at a competitive differentiation stage, a street lamp brand to occupy a place in the lighting market, is not so easy thing, a lot of advertising can win the market sales of time has passed, only the technical strength to occupy the market time is not now, now as a good street brand, must have a comprehensive marketing strength and the combination of product strength, cities in China with the continuous development of city street lighting project, led lights have been becoming mature, and to get consumer recognition, and lighting industry due to its large scale, enterprise's competition strength is also growing, installation is simple: don't need to add buried cable without rectifier, such as street light lamp installed on solar light pole can directly be connected to the original lamp shell or light nested.

solar street lamp light pole when servicing or maintenance, need to lifting vehicles and aerial work ( General street construction team have special 14 meters / 16 meters high car and street lights maintenance) 。 In the process, involve the unloading, crane, hoisting, not only work, but also difficult. Because the lower light pole inside fitted with auxiliary hoist manual rotating sphere support structure, can make the light pole from ground zero. 7 meters high, make the light pole bending movements, people on the ground to be convenient for installation and maintenance and repair, the operation is not electricity, steady lifting, light pole hang adorn, an live soft rope hoisting, no rusty and security firm.

the same root on both ends of the cable shall have the same identity. Should adopt corresponding core insulation color easy to with light color in order to install and maintain. If the conductor insulation layer with color, the ends of the conductor shall have the same logo per share, appropriate USES digital serial number identification. Underground cable laying, appropriate USES light cable laying underground, each power cable allowance shall be maintained. Solar light pole again good lighting equipment also can not hold up against bad time, signal light pole, too, but as long as we know how to get to the correct maintenance, his life will be extended to large.

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