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What are the precautions for the installation of solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-06-04

When using, in order to ensure the beautiful and battery components can receive better solar radiation, please every half an year is clean the dirt on the battery components, but don't rinse area from the bottom up. controller connection. Should try to use waterproof controller to ensure long-term stability at the same time, also can avoid the user change lights on time. Such as using the controller is not waterproof, due to the terminal blocks down, wiring a u-shaped bend, this can prevent water from online pour into the controller. Should try to persuade customers to use good quality copper core. Because of electric conductivity, electric current and voltage in the process of the output will be a certain loss, this not only increase the power consumption, severe cases can lead to the LED driver power supply cannot work normally. I have been in a construction site and found a problem, the parameters of the drive power set up correctly, in the laboratory using everything is normal, but after loaded on the lamp holder, the light is 15 seconds out. Battery during charging or put solar street lamp can produce flammable gas (slightly Hydrogen) , so don't put the battery placed in the center of is easy to produce sparks of depositing temperature 10 - 25 ℃ environment, avoid direct sunlight. 
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Further dialogue of SRS between the approaches, the chapter concludes, could lead to actionable advice on more robust policies that drive both structural change and competitiveness upgrading.                                

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