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What are the factors related to the damage of LED solar street lights?

by:SRS     2021-07-25
LED solar street lights are also very common in the current social environment. In fact, more and more friends will find that walking in the streets and alleys, you seem to be able to see this kind of street lights. At present, with the country For the gradual promotion of environmental protection, many people have also discovered that such a solar street lamp can bring us better environmental protection effects, and most importantly, it can also meet the needs of lighting. Therefore, more and more friends are concerned about such a solar street lamp. This kind of street lamp is still very recognized. However, LED solar street light sometimes have some other conditions. For example, this street light is damaged when it is in use. What factors can cause this situation? LED solar street light manufacturers have more in this regard. To understanding. 1) When manufacturers of voltage LED solar solar street light produce products, all products are inspected before leaving the factory. Therefore, when installed in a certain place under normal circumstances, their service life will be very long, but sometimes if LED solar The voltage of the solar street lamp is not particularly stable, so the sudden increase of the voltage will affect the entire mold, resulting in a series of problems when the entire lamp is working. 2) When manufacturers of LED solar street light components produce this kind of product, they control each component of the product very strictly, but if one of the components fails, or because of other parts The problem of the wire leads to the failure of the parts. In this way, it is also easy to cause the failure of other parts of the LED solar solar street light, because after all, some internal structures are connected when they are set up. 3) Through related tests, it is found that when LED solar street light manufacturers produce such products, they do not have any requirements for their temperature. In fact, sometimes they also have requirements for the temperature of the entire product during use. When a luminaire works continuously for a period of time, the surface temperature will be higher, which will also affect the quality of the luminaire.
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