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What are the disadvantage of lithium battery solar street lamps

by:SRS     2021-01-25
Lithium battery is like the wind quickly occupied the Great Wall, solar energy storage system development is very rapid, lithium battery industry in China by using the field more and more widely, can say that our life has been inseparable from the lithium battery of science and technology, and now on the market use * more 18650 lithium-ion batteries, the definition of the model law for: such as the type 18650, namely the battery to 18 mm in diameter, length of 65 mm, cylindrical shape of the battery. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have long service life, high discharge rate, low temperature resistance, light weight, no pollution, etc. In addition, recycling utilization rate is relatively high. So the lithium battery has become the mainstream of the sun on the market products. But everything in the process of development, are kept in perfect oneself, the disadvantage of lithium battery solar street lamps have? Small make up today to introduce for everybody. A lithium, after-sales maintenance solar electric lamps will inevitably be in use is not bright, or some other problem, the traditional controller installed we are mind installed in the bottom of the light pole, so convenient replacement maintenance judgment. Lithium battery installation is at the bottom solar panels, it brings a problem, when the fault occurs, we must use a crane or climb to the top of the tool, this will increase the cost of after-sales maintenance, we suggest increase the capacity of solar panels and lithium batteries, lithium on the other hand the electric controller is added the function of automatic half power, extend the solar lithium electricity street light rainy days. So the disadvantages is a pseudo small, as long as we use the quality controller, this problem has been solved. Second, using the environment now is the darling of the rural lighting, solar street lamps in China region and from south to north on the temperature differences. Lithium iron phosphate battery discharge voltage is very smooth, usually is 3. 2 V, discharge late ( Mainly refers to the remaining 10% capacity) Voltage change quickly, as the voltage is usually 2. 5 V。 Ambient temperature, especially the low temperature will affect the lithium iron phosphate battery discharge capacity: - Discharge capacity is the normal temperature of 20 ℃ 45% of capacity, - 10 ℃ is 65% of the normal temperature, - 5 ℃ is 80% of the normal temperature, 0 ℃ is 90% of the normal temperature, discharge capacity of 0 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ change is very small. So these cold places in the north, use normal lithium battery, there are some difficulties. But there are lithium battery manufacturers began to produce suitable for low temperature lithium batteries but the cost is very high. As a solar manufacturer, we found that the lithium electricity solar solar street light optimal benefits outweigh the disadvantages, if you have any questions about the solar street lamp lighting can contact us directly.
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