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What are the classification of solar lamp?

by:SRS     2020-07-12
The application of solar energy lamp is becoming more and more widely, in the use of solar energy lamp, many industries have achieved good economic and social benefits, but what are the classification of solar lights? The classification of the solar lamp (1) solar energy lamp navigation, aviation and land play an important part of traffic lights, many local power grid can't power supply, and solar light can solve the problem of power supply, light source is given priority to with small particles of directional light LED. Achieved good economic and social benefits. Solar lawn lamp light source power 0 [2]. 1 ~ 1 w, generally USES the small particles light-emitting diode ( 领导) As the main light source. Solar panels power to 0. 5 ~ 3 w, 1 can be used. 2 v nickel batteries two batteries. (3) solar landscape lamp used in square, park, green land and other places, use all sorts of modelling of small power LED point light source, line source, there is also a cold cathode lamp modelling to beautify the environment. Solar landscape lamp can not destroy the green space and get good landscape lighting effects. (4) solar logo lights for night guide indicates the lighting, house, road marking. To light the luminous flux of request is not high, low system configuration requirements, heavy usage. Identify the lamp light source usually can use small power LED or cold cathode lamp. 5] solar street lamp used in rural roads and rural roads, is one of solar photovoltaic lighting device is mainly used at present. Using small power light source with high pressure gas discharge ( 藏) Lamp, fluorescent lamp, low voltage sodium lamp, high power LED. Because of the limitation of its overall power applied to the case of urban main road. As complementary with municipal lines, yu xiang solar photovoltaic lighting lamps will be more and more application in the main street. [6] solar insecticidal lamp application Yu Guoyuan, plantations, parks, lawns, etc. Commonly used with a specific spectral fluorescent lamp, the use of more advanced LED light, through its specific spectral radiation luring insect pests. Once a solar-powered flashlight using LED as light source, can be in outdoor activities or emergency use. Being solar garden light is applied to urban roads, residential and commercial district, parks, scenic spots, square lighting and decoration, etc. Can also according to user needs to change the mains lighting system to cause the solar lighting system.
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