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What are solar street lighting quality influence

by:SRS     2020-06-09

Solar street lighting quality affect what time: 2017 - 12 - 13 09:57:39 source: < p > solar street lamp design should pay attention to the modelling, colour, functional aspects of consideration, combined with the installation environment, to achieve the purpose of harmonious and unified, but also give full consideration to the utilization rate of light, forming a good evenness and no glare of lighting environment, therefore, the design of the solar street lamp factory trying to be all things to do, only improve the quality of road lighting, can very good to prevent and reduce traffic accident rate at night. solar street light with the light performance is good or bad will directly affect the motor vehicle driver's visual comfort, if the solar street light with the light performance is poor, not only waste energy, reach the purpose of the lighting, also can produce dazzling glare, causing traffic accidents, especially urban main road lighting, due to the vehicle speed faster, so the solar street lighting quality prominent influence on the pilot night vision effect. Rational design of solar energy street light optical system, make it can meet the requirements of the uniformity of various conditions, fully improve and improve motor vehicle driver's visual environment, to reduce the traffic accident rate at night by night, and at the same time to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, such as purpose, with multiple economic and social benefits.
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