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What are solar street light control mode

by:SRS     2020-06-14

The implementation of household solar street lamps, on the market and diverse styles, a wide variety, complete varieties of solar street lamp lighting contributed their value for people, for the international light color of its own. In fact, the control of solar street light is open and closed by a device in the operation, he can be useful to control solar street lamp, and out, sunrise and bright, the device is called the solar controller. Solar controller also has different control methods, take a look at this several ways, as well as part of the controller is what? 1, light control, mainly through sensors sense the light intensity, when light reach must be darker, will automatically open solar street light, when external light reaches must highlight their close the solar street light. As for the control of light and shade, can be manually adjusted. Now most of the solar street lamps are chosen this way.  2, time control, mainly through the punctual to confirm the solar street light switch. This method with more early on, but with less now. Main reason for the change in different season even in the same area, choose moment control is not very convenient.  1, the hardware part: the combination of general circuit boards and chips. 2, software part: according to different manufacturing solar street lamp control software. By reading the above, let's take our several kinds of control way to understand the solar street light and part of the equipment, thus, solar street lamps have already completed the automatic switch, solar controller is of vital importance in the whole structure, we must not neglect the value of this little thing. 
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